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Liittynyt: 26. Tammi 2011 18:47
Viestit: 2
Viesti Applycation
Name : Egert
Age: 15
Ex Clans : VPL, EPT , VPL, NEP- Nicks : CreatioN, Reliciano, Snoopie
I´ve been playing in Playray about 3 years.
I'm very active player.Spending my time in Playray mostly in the evenings and almost every day.

I wanna join FBS because I like your clan.
You all very good players and also seems to be persons aswell. And your clan is active.

So, if you think I could join your clan.
lets play some testgames.

My msn is : eku_poiss@hotmail.com and ICQ : 635706366

Thank you for reading!

26. Tammi 2011 18:54

Liittynyt: 02. Touko 2010 20:44
Viestit: 59
Viesti Re: Applycation
Tän tuli joku NEP ryntäys :?: Mut valkataa niistä parhain! gl egert!

27. Tammi 2011 13:17

Liittynyt: 09. Maalis 2010 13:22
Viestit: 893
Viesti Re: Applycation
this is the wrong clan for you..we do not accept cheating -closed-

27. Tammi 2011 21:18
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